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Learn The Exact Blueprint I've Used To Help Hundreds Of Women Just Like YOU Prevent Weight Regain!
Thank you for your interest in the Weight Maintenance Mastery Blueprint! Our first-ever cohort is still ongoing and I will not be opening a second one until after this one finished -- this will allow me to collect feedback to make the experience and even more valuable to you :)
If You Want To Be The First To Claim One Of The Limited Seats For The Second Cohort Provide Your Name And Best Email Below!
Meet 3 (Of Many) Successful Maintainees!
Kaitlin lost over 20 pounds and has kept if off for 18 months and counting!
Brandi lost 10 pounds and has kept it off over a year!
Evelyn lost over 20 pounds and 16% body fat and has maintained her lean physique for 12 months and counting!
It's Time To Break The Vicious Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle Once And For All!
Here's What We'll Learn!
The Weight Maintenance Mastery Blueprint is a 10-week, hands-on, online video course with yours truly. Each week, I will host a live webinar to facilitate the course. All you need to do is click the link I provide and show-up with a smile ready to learn.

Each live class will be held on Wednesday evenings. Of course, I recognize you may not be able to attend each session live. That's why I will send a reply link out immediately after I conclude the live webinar and also provide you a synopsis of key points and takeaways.

Each week we will have a specific topic and certain objectives to complete, but you'll also have freedom to ask any questions you have, specifically so you can take what you learn and apply it directly to your own life. I'll have a set of powerpoint slides, as well as video, supporting resources, and jokes during each live webinar :). 

Aside from these weekly interactions, we will all be active in our private Facebook group to further discuss how to best implement what we talked about, to share support and struggles, and to further improve our relationship with food, the scale, and ourselves.
  • Week 1: What Happens During A Diet
  • Week 2: Developing A Maintenance Mindset
  • Week 3: Transitioning To A Maintenance Phase: What To Expect
  •  Week 4: The Actual Transition: Setting Yourself Up For Sustainable Success
  •  Week 5: Navigating Maintenance: How And When To Increase Calories And Reduce Cardio
  •  Week 6: Learning How And When To Incorporate "Free" (cheat) Meals
  •  Week 7: The National Weight Control Registry: Strategies From Those Who've Lost 30+ Pounds And Kept It Off!
  •  Week 8: Optimal Maintenance Duration And How To Handle Getting Off Track
  •  Week 9: Weight Maintenance Success Stories: 3 Successful Case Studies Discussed In Detail!
  •  Week 10: Weight Maintenance Mastery Blueprint Wrap-up: Success Strategies and Q&A
  •  Happily Ever After: Lifelong knowledge, tools, and confidence to maintain your desired weight plus lifelong access to all educational content and the private FAcebook community!
If You Want To Be The First To Claim One Of The Limited Seats For The Second Cohort Provide Your Name And Best Email Below!
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